Wednesday, April 20, 2011

kindergarten is not always easy

My little boy Nash......

When I signed him up last year for kindergarten, I knew it was a 50/50 shot that he would make it.

I have been holding my breathe since he started.  His birthday is September 7th and he was still 4 when school started.

Boys do NOT mature as fast as girls.

Nash is very smart....VERY!  And Nash is very stubborn....VERY!

I used to blame Sophie's stubbornness on her Daddy.  Now that Nash is so much like his sister...and the common denominator is me.

I must take the stubborn blame  :)

At the first report card....his teacher told me that Nash was smart but, having fine motor skill issues but not to worry.  It was because he was young and they would come.

Then in January, Nash's teacher talked to me after I worked in class about holding Nash back for the next year.  I knew immediately she was right.

But, Lance is a Dad.  He did not see what I saw and the teacher saw.  He just saw that people would know.

Nash has been having problems lately.

He cries every morning about going to school.  Has so many excuses as to why he should NOT go.

I have threatened him with the police, his former daycare lady and going to prison and never seeing his Mommy again.

I hate this!

Today I talked to his teacher about the crying.

After a long talk...I knew it was time to just take the pressure off this little boy and me.

I am holding Nash back next year.  He will repeat Kindergarten and stay with his teacher.

This was so very hard to tell Lance....but, when I did...thru my tears.....he knew it was the best thing.

I talked to Nash about this.  I think it took the pressure off of him...he is looking forward to NOT going to 1st grade but to kindergarten.

Parenting is hard.  Making the right decisions is DAMNED hard!  I feel like this is the right decision but I worry about the future.

I have to go with what is good for him now and worry about the future when I get there.

I think will be good.  Who doesn't have the best memories of he will get a double dose of them  :)

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