Tuesday, March 22, 2011

filling up a Mommy

I am a Mom.

I lose sleep when my kids are sick. 
I worry when they have a fight with a friend. 
I stress about when they play sports.
I do back flips just to get them what they need...or sometimes want.

I am a Mom.

There is nothing I can't or won't do for my family.

But, twice a year....I runaway!

The first time I went to scrapbook retreat....I had never been before.  Didn't know anyone there...but assured Shell, the organizer that I would make fast friends!

I had a blast!  Best time I have ever had.

my scrap table the first time I went to retreat!  Hi Shell  :)
I knew I had to go again!

I started out going once a year...for 2 nights & 3 days.  I always felt guilty for going and leaving my family.

But....I finally learned that to give of myself to my family....I had to have something to give.

And this was what filled me up.

I started going 2 times a year.  WOW!

Then I added an extra day!


I was supposed to go this Thursday.  And because of Mother Nature.....it was canceled.

I have been sad...........and a little bitchy.

But, this was my......getaway.

No one calls me Mommy there.  I can do anything I want and don't have to answer to anyone.  Well, except Shell if I miss the group photo.

I will miss my getaway!

Until September  :)

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