Tuesday, March 1, 2011

yes....it's garbage day :)

Everyday...no matter what....I hear from my adorable son. 

Is it garbage day?

I remind him that garbage day is Tuesday.  If it were up to him...everyday would be Tuesday  :)

This morning, his alarm goes off @ 6am.  I go it and shut it off.  I tousle his warm sleepy head and tell him he can stay in bed until he is fully awake.

Then he hears it.....Daddy is taking the garbage out!

I gotta get up Mom.  It's garbage day!  Is Daddy taking out the garbage?  Mom get me outta here (he sleeps on the top bunk).  MOM!

I get him down.  He runs out the hallway and looks for Daddy.  He is outside, taking the large garbage can to the street....Nash runs!  It is freezing cold outside and he has naked toes.  He runs anyway!

He comes back in yelling..........Mom, it's GARBAGE DAY!

Yes, we are pretty excited about garbage day. 

We eat breakfast and talk about the excitement that lays ahead.  We get dressed for the day because it's also a school day.  Nash looks out the window and sees the garbage can on the street....oh, the excitement!

When its time to go to school....we drive past the garbage can...and talk about what will happen after he gets home from school.

At school he gets nervous when the whistle blows to line up for class.  He needs lots of extra kisses because he does NOT want to stay for school.  I am not sure if it a Mommy attack...or knowing that its garbage day.  He asks for more and more kisses....and then...is in tears.  My boy.

I pour him into his teachers arms...and assure him that I will be there later to pick him up.  Swear!

At 12:20, I am there to pick him up....he is very proud of himself that he stayed all day  :)  Me too!

We go home. 

The excitement begins!  Waiting for the garbage man.

I make lunch...bologna, square cheese, blueberries & 5 Ritz crackers.

Immediately after lunch...he wants to wait outside.  It's cold and he is NOT trustworthy to be out front without supervision and I have work to do.  So, I tell him he can hear the garbage man in the back yard.  So, out he goes.

To make sure I don't miss the sound...I open up the window next to the computer while I work.

At 2:30pm....still no garbage man and it's time to pick up Sophie from school.  Oh, man!  I stand outside and try my darnedest to have superhuman hearing........I got nothing!

So, I just...matter of factly, tell Nash...it's time to go and say NOTHING!  We get in the van....and I feel awful but, we gotta pick up Sophie.  She is 13...and you really don't want to be late picking up a 13 year old.
see  :)

So, we get to the corner of our street to turn....and there he is!  Nash is THRILLED!   #$%^!

OK...I look at the clock...I can be a couple of minutes late.  I make a u-turn and head back home.  We are the first house on the right.....he has got to be here anytime.  I back into the driveway....and we wait.

That $#%& garbage man....passes by our street!  OMG!
yep...just pass us by!
Nash....is FREAKIN'!

So, we wait.  I text Sophie that I am running late.  Normally, she does NOT question why.

&^%$!  She does.

I can't lie...I tell her why.  She is NOT happy about it.

I wait 15 minutes....I am saying prayers to the garbage man above...please hurry up!

I call Lance several times...hoping he will answer and save me by picking Sophie up.  No...no such luck.

Nash dancing around the driveway...looking & listening.

So, I gotta make a call...we gotta pick up Sophie and call this done!

I strap Nash into his car seat...and announce...we are going to go find the garbage man!  Woo hoo!

I plot out in my head where he went, calculate his timing...and figure out a direction to head.  Yes!

We head the opposite way HE was heading...and low and behold....we find him!  Cheers erupted from the back seat!  OK...we found him...now what do I do.

Stalk him!

Now, what do you think that man is thinking???  me behind him snapping pictures!
OK...now I am feeling a little weird about all of this.
Oh...Nash is in heaven...that Garbage man is picking up those cans and slamming them into the truck!  How cool!

So, I am thinking and plotting out how he might go next.  Can we still see him pick up our garbage????  Yes, if he still continues the direction he is heading...YES, he will be facing the correct way...and pick up our garbage!  YES!


He goes the wrong way!  Doesn't he know I have a 5 year old boy who worships him?  Doesn't he know I have to pick up my daughter from school and am already late!  Doesn't he know....I am Super Mommy and he NEEDS TO GET WITH THE PROGRAM!

OK....I scramble....what to do?  What to do?  I head in the opposite direction and head back to the house.  He is coming the WRONG way down our street....but we can still watch him pick up Patty's garbage across the street.  that has to be OK....please let it be ok.

We back into the driveway.  Get out of the van!  Stand in the street...HERE HE COMES!  We watch him picking up cans...slamming them into the truck.  We are so very excited...and then he leaves.  I tell Nash that is it...we gotta go.  He is sad...but ok.  I think I am feeling worse.  I was NOT Super Mommy today.

So, I go pick up Sophie...late.  Did you for get the face?  Here you go.....  :)
But...nash is thrilled...he made it thru another garbage day.

We get home...and now...he is Super Nash.  He pulls the garbage can down from the street and parks it in the driveway...where it belongs.

We will always have next garbage day...and that's a double day!  Recycling and garbage....2 visits!

We will count the days until we get to experience this day again.

Nothing.......nothing like garbage day!

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