Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Break

or not  :)

Normally....I am so excited for Spring Break...and Spring for that matter. 

But, this past 2 weeks have been a bummer!

rain, snow & sleet...altho Sophie calls that snowning  :)
Snow, sleet, rain, cold, cancellation of the most treasured thing I do twice a year.

And Spring Break vacation. heart is not in it this year.

I am looking forward to just spending time with only my hubby & friends or extras along to keep the kids busy.

San Francisco

Windsor...Town Green

WorldMark @ Windsor
And we are going to San Francisco.....and Windsor.  2 of my favorite places....but.........

my heart is just not there.

Today, I started to pack...but had to do laundry.  Then had the OMG I don't have a bathing suit.....Mom, I need one NOW!

I must say...after setting some steep ground was not horrible!  But, at the end...there was tears from both of us.

So, I am hoping that when the sun comes happy mood will too.  And we can all enjoy some time together as a family.

Fingers crossed!

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