Monday, March 7, 2011

oh my...the clocking is ticking...hurry!

So, I have not written in a couple of days...been busy.  But, then...when am I not???

Saturday was Nash's first practice for his 1st time at T-Ball.  OMG!  It was adorable.  The coaches are amazing.  The way they explained things to these 5 year! 

notice the upside down glove  :)
and the look of joy when he hit the ball!
Gorillas and alligators....that's how you prepare to catch a ball when in the outfield.  How cool and simple is that???  Anyway...Nash is so cute!  And he loves T-ball!  This is one of the best things about being a Mom!

Yesterday, we went down the hill to go shopping at FAVORITE store!  And then we went to a friends house to adopt one of her dogs.  She lost her house to the economy and needed to find homes for her furry children. 

Last year we tried adoption from the Human Society.  I got talked into a dog that was not for us.  She was adorable...but HUGE!  And we were just not prepared for the work a puppy.....a really big puppy...took.  She was a Rottweiller, German Shepard & Chow mix.  She ate EVERYTHING in our backyard!

So, when my friend asked if I knew someone to take one of her dogs...I thought...this will be a perfect blend. 

I am not a yippy dog all.  But, Nash is a boy...and boys need dogs.  But, the last one scared him because of her size.  So, this is a small one.

She had 6 Shih Tzu's, parents & older puppies.  She had suggested one of the older puppies.  But, when we got to her house...all of them were yippy!  Except, the Daddy dog...Elvis.  He greeted us with a nice face...never made a peep...while the other dogs went nuts.  I knew...this was the dog for us  :)


He is so sweet.  Well trained.  Quiet.  He is also feeling kidnapped and just wants to go back home.  Poor thing.  But, he has decided I belong to him.  He follows me everywhere.

He will soon be the Errand Girl Mascot. ask is my clock ticking???

I have so much to do...and so little time!

Here is my line up!
  •  trying to get everything ready for the show coming!
  • Friday the 11th - dental surgery for Sophie
  • Saturday the 12th - T-Ball practice
  • Sunday the 13th - Wedding Show in Calaveras County...and no help...all alone this time since Sophie is having surgery.
  • Monday the 14th - meetings all day, volleyball practice & T-Ball practice every night
  • Tuesday thru Friday... lots of meetings and getting ready for Scrapbook Retreat!
  • Saturday the 19th, Scrapbook Expo with Debi!  OMG!  Too excited for it!
  • Sunday thru Wednesday....getting ready to go to Scrapbook Retreat and Sophie ready for a FNL Retreat!
  • Thursday....I am outta here.
  • Sunday...come home...get packed and get ready for vacation! stress...none at all!

Do you know what Plantar Fasciitis is????  Well....foot pain.  Horrendous foot pain from the arches area of the foot.  yes, I wear cheap non-supportive shoes because I have hot feet, not as in, those are some nice feet!  But as in....OMG!  Is it hot in here????  MY feet are sweating!

Anyway...Just placed an order with a Shoe store that specializes in stuff for foot pain.

OMG!  This is a sign of getting older.  I am really considering ugly...but comfortable shoes!  What is happening here??????

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