Monday, March 14, 2011

high school........this is starting to feel like lightening speed!

Long day...really hate Daylight 2! 

Today was work...catch up on things I have been putting off because I was so busy.

Sophie is still swollen from oral surgery.  Couldn't listen to Mommy that she should not be playing volleyball...NO!  I even called the doctor...knowing he was going to nix it.  And he didn't!  She was sorry once she got to practice.  Coach told her not to come to the game tomorrow!

Tomorrow is high school registration at school...can I say again....I AM NOT READY! 

I had a stack of papers to fill out for HS...and tears because I had to list David as deceased & couldn't list Lance yet as the adoption is not final yet.  It's a's been 13 years....but it still hurts.
I miss him and the older Sophie gets...the more she looks like him....good and bad.

Anyway....high school.  It's feeling like light speed.  Can't we stop this???  I miss my baby...I am not ready!  I miss that adorable girl....who was so funny...and looked at me like I knew everything!  I could dress her up and take her places...........and dote on her.  And receive the admiring looks from other adults that would confirm....she was adorable!

I miss my Sophie.  I love the girl I have now....I feel robbed because I was going thru so much stuff....I missed things I didn't know were going to go so fast!

And now high school. 

I want a do over.  I want a second chance...and know what I know now.  Not to waste any minute of it....because its flying by!

oh, she was so cute!
Stop the world.  I want a day....a day to go back and walk thru moments so that I can re-remember them.  Hold her a little longer and thank her Daddy.  It's not fair!


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