Thursday, March 3, 2011

scrapbooking....what I LOVE to do

I always looked at scrapbooking as a craft that....those Moms did.  I never wanted to be one of THOSE Moms. 

You know...goodies two-shoes, drives a Van, works at school etc.......OMG!

Well, not the goodie two shoes thing...but I am one of THOSE moms! am.

But, I am totally cool...and fabulous!  LOL my world....I totally rock!

But...I actually was lead into this addiction by my Hubby. 

We had just gotten back from a fabulous trip/cruise to New York City, then cruised for 8 days to Puerto Rico, St. Thomas & Tortola.  We took my Mom & Step-Dad.  Nash was only 9 months old at the time.  We visited with Sophie's Daddy's family in New was an awesome trip! We came home with a HUGE stack of photos!

So, Hubby suggested maybe...we should scrapbook them.  I hemed & hahhed...then got a kit and tackled it.

Well!  I was hooked....IMMEDIATELY!

That was over 4 years ago.

Now...I have shelves of completed scrapbooks, a scrapbook room....I go to scrapbook retreats, started a business to teach scrapbooking & sell scrapbook supplies, will go to my first Scrapbook Expo in a couple of weeks, and was just asked by a major entity to become a certified teacher!

OK....yes, I am a junkie....a scrapbooking junkie!

I am one of THOSE people....woo hoo for me! I am at a scrapbook retreat!  And in a couple of weeks...I will be back!

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Em said...

You know, my boys will be plenty old enough that I could probably make it next year...... (fingers crossed!)