Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Night...the time change

, clockNot many people know this....except those that live in my house.  So, the kids & hubby.

But...the time change...really!  I know it's Spring Forward, Fall Back.........and it should make sense but it doesn't to me.

Which way do I turn the clock?  Is it really going to be 10:33 or 8:33 tomorrow at this time???

I have no idea!

Hubby is already asleep...and so is Sophie.  So, I have to do this by myself.

I read people posts on Facebook.  I looked it up on Google.

And I walked around the house...and set half the clocks.  That way if I am wrong.....I will only be half wrong  :)

So, I will be so impressed if I get it right.  I never do!  LOL

But, when I was looking for graphics for this blog...I found one that makes me feeling like I might have gotten it right.

So, this is what I did to half of our clocks.

Fingers crossed!

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