Wednesday, March 9, 2011

yes...I can wrap that...and other business ideas...and so busy!

You know...I am doing a Wedding Faire this Sunday.  I have been busting my butt to get everything together so I look better than I did last Faire.

I have been finding ideas for things to wrap all over the place.  You should see my has Altoids, a wine bottle, React 5 gum, a bottle of hot sauce...all waiting to get wrapped.

I also found some cool baby shower gifts that I am in the process of getting done....sushi socks?  cupcake onesies?  they are so cute!


Oh...I love Adele!  She is awesome.....yes....this is a commercial....but oh, I love her!

So, I have started assembling everything I need, updated & printed brochures for Errand Girl.  Designed & printed brochures for Sonora Wedding Planner.  Re-designed the order forms for It's a Wrap by EG. photos picked up from WalMart for scrapbook retreat, got them dated and ready to make kits to optimize my scrapbooking time  :)

Oh, and have done many loads of laundry, gotten our new dog acclimated to us and our home, watched Sophie in her volleyball tournament, dealt with Nash's Mommy attacks, working in Nash's kindergarten class, and planning a Green Day for our school on April 8th with an e-Waste pick up for a fundraiser.

No.....I am so glad I am not busy!

Oh...and vacation is coming the end of the month...and we have no plans....except for the condo we rented.  But, I have to make an itinerary for fun!  Yes!

Nope....not busy at all!

And why does my body ache????  Hum.....

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