Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's only Thursday??? Really!?!

I have been running so much...I think I am coming up on me in the far lane  :)

But, I see a light.  Not a massive light tho....but, nevertheless....I sliver of a light.

I have everything just about prep-ed for Sundays Bridal Faire in Angel's Camp/Calaveras County.  My friend Shylah came over and helped me wrap minis for handouts in exchange for a long chat  :)  Thanks Shylah!

And I remembered I needed to have door prizes...and not gift certificates for my services.  So, I got several bottles of wine...and designed 3 different wine labels...of course for my business...but they get to drink the wine  :)  Next...I just need to get them slapped on...and decorate a a cool way to present them. a scary day.  Sophie is having oral surgery.  And she has requested to be put out.  That is probably for the best....but makes me nervous!

Then of course...gotta go be Errand Girl in the afternoon.  Not liking having to leave my baby while I go work.  But, Lance will be home to take care of her.

And tonight was the second game for Sophie's Volleyball Tournament.  They played great last game...but tonight.  Not so much.  The other team...was scary!  They were HUGE!  Amazons I tell you!  2 of the girls could stand at the net and not never do more than put their arm up and they were over the net.

Intimidated our team....BIG TIME!

So, the team lost...badly.  But, had a good time.

I got sidetracked at the beginning of the game with PTO business & negotiating with other parents.

So, tomorrow will be big...but ok.  And I am looking forward to being able to read a magazine while I wait for my baby girl to get done.

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