Wednesday, March 16, 2011

a list for March 16th

  1. Where is this year going?
  2. really?  middle of March!
  3. I am tired and have been so busy.
  4. Tomorrow is Honors Ceremony for Sophie.  
  5. She has a 3.67 GPA...her favorite score!
  6. Why?  She is weird!
  7. I had a business call earlier
  8. my tax guy
  9. or was my tax guy
  10. ok....girl  :)
  11. asking when we were coming in.
  12. we went somewhere else
  13. but...we talked about many things.
  14. She knows Lance from days gone by
  15. and his kids  :)
  16. and now our kids.
  17. she said she was proud of me
  18. for the strides I have made personally
  19. and professionally
  20. I am honored
  21. I am still doing 9:16pm
  22. the jeans are very loud in the dryer
  23. I got lots put together for retreat.
  24. I am counting the minutes until I get to go
  25. I never thought I would be saying that...
  26. EVER!
  27. It's the one thing I do
  28. for me!
  29. for a long time...I never thought about me
  30. always everyone else.
  31. then I lost me.
  32. sadly...I lost me a couple of times!
  33. I hope I never do again!
  34. I treasure the time I spent at retreat.
  35. Just fun
  36. dancing, singing and music
  37. art expression
  38. not having to think about anyone else....just me
  39. the only decisions I make are about scrapbooking photos
  40. what color goes best?
  41. What can I say about this picture
  42. What is Debi doing now?
  43. She cracks me up!
  44. where is the chocolate
  45. more coffee?
  46. Its midnight...screw it...........
  47. more coffee  :)
  48. orange slices!  OMG!
  49. whats everybody else doing?
  50. Oh...the fun!
  51. I am tired now.
  52. Its been a very emotional week
  53. and its only Wednesday night
  54. gave ultimatum to my brother
  55. call before 8pm, sober
  56. or don't call at all
  57. I stood up for myself.
  58. I should have the night he called
  59. but, there is no talking to a drunk
  60. when I called him the next day
  61. he was a chicken shit
  62. he hung up on me
  63. I called back and left a message.
  64. that same day
  65. I saw my uncle driving his motor home.
  66. I tried to get his attention.
  67. I miss him.
  68. but, I know he can't talk to me.
  69. I also saw my Aunt in WalMart
  70. she looked at me
  71. gave me the face, the look
  72. then when I felt my heart break
  73. she turned away
  74. and pretended I wasn't there.
  75. I wish I could say these things don't hurt
  76. they do
  77. more than I can say
  78. I question......
  79. did I do the right thing?
  80. I know I did
  81. I was molested for years by her second husband
  82. during the HUGE blow out....I found out that she lied
  83. she always knew about it
  84. I knew her NOW husband was being inappropriate
  85. I asked her many times to make him stop.
  86. I asked him to stop
  87. then I ignored it
  88. and ignored it.
  89. and it got worse
  90. and I couldn't ignore it anymore
  91. I told her to make it stop or I can't be around him
  92. and my children can't either.
  93. she said she knew he was getting bad
  94. she said she would take care of it
  95. she said I lied
  96. she said I was crazy
  97. she said to go away
  98. she said THEY all knew I was a liar
  99. about whole life
  100. Moms....I am glad you only get one
  101. I am going to go to bed

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